Secure, Ease to Implement, Cost-Effective

Mobinology Product Authentication Management Solutions protects your business to a new level through industry standard authentication, encryption / decryption as well as pedigree track & trace. The solution helps in products verification, authentication and pedigree tracking; it delivers a complete logistic "life cycle" from born to consume, anywhere with access through mobile devices or the web. With integration with CRM solution, it will change consumer's behavior and improve consumers' experience in a simple, personalize and secure way.

  • Cost-effective solution with performance comparable to most of nowadays anti-counterfeiting technology
  • Multiple platforms for authentication to provide convenient way to consumer (i.e. SMS, Internet Instance Access, Telephone, etc.)
  • Leverage CRM and Supply-Chain Management System to offer full-scale solution to better control sales channel as well as customer experience.
  • Simply make use of nowadays, barcode or RFID technology to provide more ease way to do product authentication.